Prophecy Countdown

Prophecy Countdown is a weekly seminar delving into Biblical Prophecy and its fulfillment in history and current events. It will occur every Saturday show below at 11:15AM. You can attend in person at the church or watch our livestream broadcast on our YouTube channel.


Date Topic YouTube Link

October 2

The Forgotten Dream 

YouTube Link - The Forgotten Dream

October 9

70-Week Prophecy

YouTube Link - 70-Week Prophecy

October 16

The Sanctuary

YouTube Link - The Sanctuary

October 23

The Judgment

YouTube Link - The Judgment

November 6

Beasts and Horns

YouTube Link - Beasts and Horns

November 13

The Great Controversy

YouTube Link - The Great Controversy

November 20

Global Superpower in Prophecy

YouTube Link - Global Superpower in Prophecy

December 4

The First Angel’s Message

YouTube Link - The First Angel's Message

December 11

The Mark of The Beast

YouTube Link - The Mark of The Beast

January 8

The Mystery of Babylon

YouTube Link - The Mystery of Babylon

January 15


YouTube Link - Countdown

January 22

The Millennium 

YouTube Link - The Millennium




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